Little Yellow Birds

Christmas is a coming….

Okay so it is ridiculously early to be getting excited about Christmas but I just can’t help it. We had our first Christmas related order yesterday. A beautiful Felt Ball Wreath:

If that’s not enough to start that Christmas spirit flowing, I don’t know what is! 

Call me predictable…..

But I do love a bit of Mini Boden! Their Autumn catalogue dropped on my doormat last week and I have to say that there may be a little bit of purchasing going on. With four children I find that I don’t mind spending a bit more on the older two because I know that with Boden the clothes will last and be passed down to the younger two and still look good.

So here is my my selection for the autumn:

Freddy (8)

Navy Hoodie (is actually Johnnie B which we have never tried before. Exciting times!)

Brown cords

Edith (5)


I love Boden knickers. My daughter has a very small bottom and I find that any other pants just look like baggy granny pants. These last for ages and are very good quality.

Simple T-shirt

Again good quality and always a nice fit. Will also buy some of the pointelle ones for similar reasons.

Otto (3)

The only item lacking in his wardrobe for this winter (having an older brother and 2 boy cousins is great).  He is very fussy about coats and has chosen this himself.

Eira (8 months)

Obviously she will be so aware if she doesn’t get anything (well I need some kind of excuse). I figure this is a neutral colour so I can pass it on to Fergus when we are done!

Boden also appear to have one of our rugs in their catalogue (see below). They must have good taste!

Mimi Lou

We love French Designer Mimi Lou. Her range of wall stickers and home accessories are simple yet beautiful. The subtle mix of colour and use of pattern enable you to add a feature to the room but without it being overwhelming. Below are our new editions to the collection:


Hello Cushion


Woodland Wallsticker


Birdie Paper Lampshade


Circus Melamine Set


String of Marbles wall Sticker

You can view the full Mimi’Lou collection here

The Start of a New Adventure…

Exciting times in my house at the moment. We’re moving…….well fingers crossed we are. The house we are in at the moment, albeit lovely, is now a little too small for a family of six so we are on the move. The new house is a  large and beautiful Victorian end of terrace with a fantastic garden and more importantly a laundry, yes laundry (this makes me very happy).

We are very fortunate in that the current owner has refurbished the house and done all the rubbish jobs (well rubbish for me) like the rewiring, fixing the roof etc and has left us a completely blank canvas which has retained most of the original features.

I fear this blog may become a mood board for all the ideas I have for decorating and furnishing the house. Can’t wait!


My sincere apologies for a lack of blog action in recent weeks. I have taken a little step back over the last seven weeks due to the birth of my beautiful daughter Eira. However now is an exciting time in this business as we get to SHOP and it is legitimately counted as work. How cool is that?!

We are busy researching new products and brands and will be very excited to be able to present you with some gorgeous new things in the forthcoming weeks.

In the meantime enjoy the sale….

Stocking Fillers for 7(ish) Year Old Boys

Searching for some inspiration for young boys for stocking fillers? You can’t go far wrong with this selection of goodies. A great mix of style, functionality and fun…..

1. Rocket ruler £4.50

2.  Knights and Dragons Garland £7.00 

3. Dinosaur Projector Torch £6.00

4.  Djeco Fierce Animals Tattoos £3.99

5.  Fluffy Socks £6.99

6. Lego Hero Factory £9.99

7. Robot Storage Tin £6.00

8. Dr Bafflers 22 piece Knights Jigsaw £1.99

9. Nano blocks Polar Bear £4.99

Zoe Corney Designs

We accidentally discovered Zoe Corney Designs when a friend invited us via Facebook to a local pop up shop. We looked her up online and loved her style so went along for a visit and we are so glad that we did!

Zoe’s products epitomise what we stand for at Little Yellow Birds; unique, original, recycled and quality. It is for these reasons that we selected her products as a mainstay to our Christmas Collection:

Deer Candy Cone Decoration £9.00

Deer Stocking: £20.00

Robin Candy Cone Decoration: £9.00

Gorgeous huh..?

Things you wish you had known before you had a baby….

When we started our blog we didn’t just want it to be a method of advertising our site. We wanted to give you some insight into our lives and personalities and to be able to share experiences of our own and also those of our customers. That’s my explanation for this post anyway….

With the birth of my fourth child looming imminently I have recently taken to thinking about the births of my previous three and how much more at ease about the whole thing I am now than when I had my first. It seems sometimes that once you have had a baby you enter into some kind of secret club where you find out (either by personal experience or through others) about all the the things that probably would have been quite useful to know before you actually had the little darling. When you have your first child there are enough surprises without having to find out that actually pot bellied porn star is the look you will be probably be sporting for the first few months after the birth! So we asked around a few people to see if there was anything they wish they had known before they had a baby. Here is what we came up with:

  1. If you want to re-home a dog you have to fill in a detailed questionnaire and have a home visit to ensure you have a suitable environment for the animal. You do however seem to be able to leave hospital with a whole new person and no one really checks that actually you are capable of looking after them. I remember the first night we arrived home from hospital with our son thinking “Holy crap what are we supposed to do with this”. As Zoe on facebook says ” the days following the birth are some of the best and worse of your life”. It can be quite comforting to know that this is normal.
  2. You lose your dignity the minute you get those two lines. Pregnancy and birth are not the most glamorous of events. Even though some people make it seem that way. However, no matter how glamorous people appear they could well have had the “dildo cam” or even a rectal swab. Hardly the epitome of glamour. Lying on your back with your legs akimbo in stirrups is never going to be a good look even if you have only recently had your brazillian! A good friend once told me she was going to keep her knickers on when she gave birth. It was a shame because rather than being excited about the arrival of her baby she was stressed about losing her dignity in front of people. Don’t stress about it and enjoy that very precious time.
  3. Breastfeeding hurts. To quote Maria “the first time you breast feed it hurts like hell but after 10 days (so long as you have the baby latched on properly blah blah) it never hurts again and you literally toughen up!”. This is sooo true. I thought my nipples might actually fall off to start with but once we got going it was fine. I think that as a new mum you assume that this process is going to be natural and easy. Sometimes it isn’t but if you know about that then you are prepared. At least if you have all the information you can make the best decision for both you and your baby without being overwhelmed.
  4. Having spent the last four months of my pregnancy confined to having to sleep on my side I was so looking forward to lying on my front. A simple wish you’d think?? But alas no. The mammoth breasts which had miraculously appeared after the birth of my son meant that lying on my front was complete agony until my milk supply had settled down.
  5. When the midwife asks “Are you doing your pelvic floor exercises?” and you blithely say “Yes” whilst doing them there for the first time (the look of concentration on your face gives it away) remember that actually those pelvic floors come in pretty handy sometimes. Like Lydia says “It’s a lot easier to wet yourself after having a baby than it is before!”.
  6. When you are in labour drink plenty. Not just to combat the effects of dehydration but also to make that first wee after you have given birth a little more bearable. Highly concentrated wee = ouuccch! Did you know that bidets were actually designed for women who have just given birth….

And a few other things from the people we asked:

  • No one tells you that the love you will feel for your child is beyond words and nothing like you have ever felt before but for some that love doesn’t always come straight away.
  • That motherhood is the hardest and most wonderful thing in the world.
  • That the ideals you set yourself before having children (dummies, co-sleeping etc) will disappear but actually if that means that you and the baby are happy then does it really matter!
  • That babies never sleep when you want them to and always sleep when you don’t.
  • That you will never ever stop worrying about them!
  • Buy shares in wet wipes and sudocream then you may get some money back!
  • That your instinct is mostly right and loads of people tell you what to do and how to do it but in reality you and your partner know what’s right for you and your baby.

We would love to hear any suggestions you may have too so please feel free to comment.

Tootsa Macginty

If you haven’t heard of children’s clothing brand Tootsa Macginty you should definitely look them up. Not only are their clothes wonderful; quirky, unique and mainly unisex designs combined with everyday, hard wearing practicality,  their designer Kate Pietrasik also has a philosophy close to our own heart. In her words:

“I believe our world is filled with colour, and everything is a possibility,” she says, “children like colour, they have big imaginations, they enjoy pretending, they love to dream and for them the world is full of possibilities. I don’t intend to limit their imaginations or make their world smaller by putting them in a sea of pinks and blues, or clothes that look like they were meant for adults.”

She has even made a small video to give us all a little more insight. Take a look!

Fridays Sharing the Love Blog

If you are on Twitter then you may be aware that #ff means Follow Friday where you can recommended fellow tweeters. We thought we would get in on that action and use Fridays as a day to recommend blogs we love.

The honour of the first “Fridays Sharing the Love Blog” post goes to the fabulous Peggy at

We love this blog because she blends the perfect mix of cool hunting, beautiful images and light hearted lifestyle articles such as her series on International Breakfasts. If ever I am in need of some inspiration I know that I will find something beautiful to covet over at this blog.

So go and take a look….